What is a Circle of Comfort Philosophy?

How we operate at Inspiring Comfort is based on our Circle of Comfort philosophy.  So, when we started looking for a vendor who could manage our Project and Club Comfort kitting production part of the circle, we knew we wanted to work with a company that shared our values. We found that vendor with Industries for the Blind (IB) based in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. By having our kits assembled at IB we are helping to employ those who are legally blind or visually impaired.  

Think about it, just one purchased Project Comfort Kit gives comfort and connection to a very large circle of people. When our customers purchase kits they are doing so to help children and adults they know learn the skills to comfort those who are hurting and need connection. In one kit 100 connections will be made by the intentional giving and receiving of the 50 comfort plaques. But the circle is much greater! The purchase of that one kit allows Inspiring Comfort to donate $25 dollars to the LLC K-9 Comfort Dogs and mission appropriate mental health organizations which also provide support to those who are hurting and need comfort which expands the circle even more. Which brings us back to Industries for the Blind. The kit production allows their employees, like Brian, who is legally blind and legally deaf to have meaningful employment, expanding the Circle of Comfort.  

The Circle of Comfort has 5 distinct steps: 

I take time to think of others 

I choose to help someone hurting and find the right message 

I intentionally reach out  

I focus on them not me 

I reflect back on how this person helped me too. 

We are all connected. We all need comfort. The benefits of true comfort and connection are broad. Think about your Circle of Comfort. 

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