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it all Began

I spent 5 years in crisis response settings with beautiful golden retrievers who are trained to be a calming and comforting presence to people in pain. Thousands of hours in settings such as Sandy Hook Elementary, the aftermath of the Boston Marathon bombing and countless schools suffering from the effects of suicide, drug overdose, car accidents, cancer deaths and other sudden trauma.  I loved and cared, watched and learned….





We are a social good company teaching and equipping people of all ages how to create compassionate connections in order to comfort those who are hurting and isolated.  For all Inspiring Comfort programs, workshops or kits sold, 10% of profits will be donated to mission related therapy dog or mental health organizations.


Our inspiration: 

the comfort dogs

Working with comfort dogs for over 5 years, we saw first-hand the need for greater comfort in our world. We were inspired by all that dogs can teach us about comfort and companionship, the lessons from the dogs have been incorporated into all of our programs.


Dogs are never too busy on their devices to give you attention. They always put you first.


 They don’t worry about what to say, they are just there.


They know how to connect with compassion. When they are with you, they are present.


Empowering you to 

make a difference

We are moms and former corporate executives who grew up in a world with phones attached to the wall and family dinners. We watched as the dramatic increase in the pace of life, the use of technology and the advent of handheld devices have led to loss of practicing the simple art of giving comfort. Understanding that technology is here to stay we were inspired to create a real and tangible solution to counter this growing crisis. We hope you will join us in this fight to regain compassion, connection and comfort.


Meet our

Chief Comforters 

Founding members of Inspiring Comfort dedicated to the Company mission of creating more compassionate connections in the world.


Jen Marr Founder & CEO

Development & Programming

Passions: Extending support after initial crisis/trauma response, and working with schools.

Read Jen’s full bio here.

“HOTWIG - Hold on To What is Good”


Mary Perry, Co-Founder & President

Marketing & Communications

Passions: Walking with faith-based organizations, and training the trainers.

Read Mary’s full bio here.

“Broken crayons still color.”



Jill Bornstein, Co-Founder & CFO

Finance & Operations

Passions: Developing more effective teams, groups and organizations thru authentic connection.

Read Jill’s full bio here.

“In order to harness the power of diversity we must first compassionately connect.”


Meet our

Comfort Consultants 

Subject Matter Experts who have helped craft our curriculum and extend our reach.


Liz Riggs

Content Development 

Passions: Suicide Prevention / Program Facilitator

Favorite Quote:
“I alone cannot change the world, but I can cast a stone across the waters to create many ripples.” ~Mother Teresa

Link to bio here:

Gael Lynch

Curriculum Writer / School Advocate

Passions: Teacher Development, student writing and Golden Retrievers.

Favorite Quote:
"Be nice to each other, that's all that really matters." ~ D. Hochsprung

Link to bio here:



Scientific Advisor

Passions: Crisis Response Preparedness / Advancing Mental Health Access & Education.

Favorite Quote: "Compassion is a verb" ~T.N.Hanh

Link to bio here: