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A crisis in


Loneliness and social isolation pose a greater risk to public health than obesity – and the distractions of our tech-focused lives make the person-to-person connections that combat it all too rare.

Busy schedules and a dependence on social media and technology often keep us from comforting others. Plus, they can have severe consequences for health, relationships and more.


On the rise



Technology usage



on the decline

Face-to-face communication

Attention span





While today's technology can hinder our ability to make true social connections, it’s even harder to reach out when people are in need. We find ourselves feeling awkward not knowing what to say or are afraid to bring “IT” up - the Awkward Zone™. We have gotten accustomed to “connecting” by using "emojis" and “check it off the list” kindness. Comforting doesn’t come naturally and the barriers that prevent it from happening are stronger than ever. So, how can we break through and connect with those in need?


There’s a


Our solution is built around the concept that if connection is to be taught in today's world it must be intentional and deliberate.

While our program lessons set the stage, the cornerstone of our program is the creation of Comfort Plaques - blank canvases for the expression of true thoughts and emotions. We require the plaque to be given to the one it was made for, therefore creating face-to-face connections. Never random, never with just an emoji "click"

The benefits of true comfort and connection are broad - improved physical and mental health, improved outcomes at school and work, a healthier society.

After five years of responding to crisis and emotional situations, I learned that the comfort dog at the end of the leash knew how to comfort those in pain when most humans didn’t. I was inspired to use these lessons to teach and equip people to connect, comfort and spread the love, just as these beautiful dogs do
— Jen Marr, Founder & CEO, Inspiring Comfort

A program for

every setting

At Inspiring Comfort, we see classrooms, hospitals, camps, workplaces and so many other settings as opportunities to learn how to comfort and connect with others. Each situation is unique and different which is why we created our programs to be flexible and customizable to your needs, not ours.


Connecting through  


True compassionate connections can be measured one at a time. In just three years, our program participants have already created 20,544 person-to-person Comfort Connections. Every blank canvas flourished into a heartfelt plaque that allowed for true expression and two meaningful connections - one for the giver and one for the receiver. By purchasing our programs and kits, learning our curriculums and creating more plaques we can begin to effectively break through the Awkward Zone™ and counter the epidemic of loneliness and social isolation.