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What is the difference between Project Comfort Core Kit, Team Bonding Kit, Club Comfort Club Kit and Project Comfort Curriculum kit?

Project Comfort Core Program Kit - a program with 3 core lessons that can be done in single or multiple sessions. Sessions combine guided discussions, creative exercise and group lessons to begin a movement of caring. 

Project Comfort Team Bonding Kit - a unique program with a one to one bonding activity for your staff. The 6 steps of comfort are naturally part of the program. This can be a single event activity or you can add more sessions with our 3 core lessons for multiple sessions with even deeper team bonding. Once you receive your team kit you can customize how you want to use it to develop stronger team bonds in your workplace by learning the soft skills of comfort and connection.

Club Comfort is a program for groups of people who voluntarily get together at schools, churches, homes, community centers etc., to build a community of caring. Club Kits have all materials needed to start a club including 10 session topics. Clubs can be tailored for the goals of each group, allowing people of all ages to participate and grow at their own pace. Clubs typically meet each month for an indefinite period of time as friendships grow. 

Project Comfort Curriculum Kit - will be ready in 2020 - is a comprehensive 12 lesson curriculum for grades 3-8 to be used in a classroom setting.


What is a Custom Program?

We are excited to offer custom programs in any setting.  Our founders and comfort consultants can create and lead sessions, workshops and assemblies tailored to the needs of your school or organization.  Contact us for a free Comfort Counts Assessment to determine what custom program best fits your needs. 


Do you Co-Brand your Program and Plaques?

Yes, we would love to spread even more comfort around by creating co-branded partnerships with organizations who share our goal of teaching and equipping comfort. We have the ability to do custom plaque colors and custom laser logos on the back of the plaques for special events. Please contact us at to start the brainstorming!


Who can use the Project Comfort programs?

This program is adaptable to any environment and really, just about any size group!

For example this program works great as a single day programs in schools,  rehab centers, staff development days, a birthday party, hospitals, volunteer groups, girls night out, summer camps, vacation bible schools etc.. Existing groups such as Girl Scouts, NCL, Lion's heart etc. can also use it for their activities.

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Who can use Club Comfort Program?

Club Comfort is great for a group that wants to start a club. We have all the materials you need to get a club started for after school, for adult and youth church  groups, for sleep away camps, for your book club, for college groups, for workplace groups, and community service clubs.

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What is a Typical Session Like?

Sessions can last from 45 minutes to 3 hours. The number of participants is up to you.  Participants naturally put their phones away as they follow our 6 step process of comfort.  They start by truly seeing those around them who are hurting, thinking through the right things to say to them, intentionally reaching out and reflecting back to determine what more can be done. Additional lessons can be added for deeper skill development.  Sessions are filled with creativity, conversation and connection.  For even more fun - Club sessions can be conducted around pasta and soup and pizza and ice cream and cupcakes and pie!


What Skills do you Teach and what are your Outcomes?

We teach and equip people to go beyond kindness and push through the awkward zone to reach those in need of comfort.  In a world suffering from a loneliness and isolation epidemic, the skill of reaching people who are hurting is in great need. Participants will walk away from the process (a) understanding the barriers that can stop us from reaching those who are hurting, (b) learning our 6 step process to comfort and (c) experiencing a heartfelt person to person compassionate connection.  This can improve the connection and productivity of your team, classroom, organization or family.


What are the 3 Lessons in the Project Comfort Teaching & Learning Kit?

#1: Lessons We Learn From Dogs: How man's best friend can often be our best example for learning how to comfort others. 

#2: Learning Comfort as A Skill:  We introduce the Awkward Zone™ and the differences between kindness & comfort. We walk participants through the barriers that make it uncomfortable to connect with and comfort others. 

#3: The Circle of Comfort: First, we teach our 6 steps to comforting and then complete the lesson by demonstrating how comforting others not only helps those who need comfort, but it helps us too.


How do I start a Club?

In your download of education materials we have everything you need to get your club off the ground. This includes a facilitator guide, meeting planners & session topics. You can always contact us  at  if you need more help.


What is your affiliation with LCC K-9 Comfort dogs?

Inspiring Comfort is not affiliated with Lutheran Church Charities and the LCC K-9 comfort dogs, but we love what they do. Our company was actually inspired while working with the LCC K9 Comfort Dog Ministry, a 501c3 not-for-profit Religious Ministry. Inspiring Comfort is an independent social good LLC company. If you are interested in scheduling a visit with the LCC K9 Comfort Dogs, please request a visit directly with Lutheran Church Charities. A link to a visit request on their website is here. LCC does not charge for any visit.


Is a comfort or therapy dog required for an Inspiring Comfort Session?

Trained and vested dogs are not required but are welcome to be present during Project or Club Comfort activities. Our university study showed equal results with or without a comfort/therapy dog present. If you do have one available to attend your session, please check to make sure comfort or therapy dogs are welcome at your school or meeting location prior to confirming their participation. 


Can I bring a pet dog to Inspiring Comfort Sessions?

We do not recommend bringing pets to sessions.


What kind of organizations will you donate money to?

We support mission specific mental health organizations as this is an area that is severely underfunded in our country.


How many participants can use one kit at a time?

We have found that up to 25-30 participants at one time work best. The art supplies in a kit will support making 250 plaques.  Each kit includes 50 plaques to start. You can order additional plaques, gift bags and ribbons in quantities of 50. "The more you make the more you learn!".


How Many Plaques do I need to Purchase?

Determine # of People x  # of Sessions x # of plaques you want each participant to make = total plaques you need. Our kits include 50 plaques and additional plaques are sold in packs of 50. 


How do I get my Education Materials?

After you place your order you will receive an email with your order number. You will receive a second email that has the link to the education materials that you can download and print. Materials are available in pdf or power point.


What if someone doesn't know what to put on their plaque?

Go to our website and look at our inspiration gallery. There is also a packet of quotes included in your downloaded materials to help you along. Another idea is to print out picture quotes after searching for them online (example, type in “quotes of comfort” online and select images).


Do these plaques have to be for a specific person?

Our 6 step process of comfort requires participants to identify a named person to comfort. This creates the person to person connection.   Our program is never random and never with a click.


Can we make plaques for a nursing home?

Yes! Many nursing homes will provide the first names of their residents to schools or organizations so that you can create plaques and deliver them personally.


Can someone from your organization come speak at our school?

Yes we love to share our experiences and comfort stories. Please contact us at and we can discuss your needs further.


How can I share photos of decorated plaques or comments about our experience?

Please send comments or photos to or go to our Facebook page. We love hearing from people who are using our program and helping others connect and comfort.


I would love to give a kit to a school or organization that needs one, can I do that?

YES! What a great question! We have a fabulous "Gift a Kit" program that takes those who generously want to buy kits and matches them with schools/organizations that need them but don't have the budget to buy them. It's a great way to form a bond with a school or organization while they spread comfort around into their community. Lot's of people comforted and equipped to comfort just because of you!

Please contact us at so we can compassionately connect you to a school or organization in need.