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Thank you for purchasing a Project Comfort Program Kit!

Please read through these materials as soon as you can so you can be prepared for your session(s). All the printouts you will need are below as a printed set. These materials are NOT included in the box of supplies you will be receiving separately.

We can't wait to hear about the stories of comfort and connection that are about to happen with the plaques you are about to receive.



A zip file called Project Comfort Core Program will DOWNLOAD

The DOWNLOAD will include the following 3 FOLDERS:


1. Teacher / Facilitator Lessons & Resource Guide 

  • Facilitators Guide - Project Comfort
  • Lesson 1 - "Lessons We Learn from Dogs"
  • Lesson 2 - "The Awkward Zone"
  • Lesson 3 - "Circle of Comfort"
  • Project Comfort PPT - Power Point Presentation to use to present lessons and activities if desired. 

2. Project Comfort Session Worksheets 

  • 1 - Paws to Look See Remember - Adult - Optional based on activity selected
  • 1 - Paws to Look See Remember - Student - Optional based on activity selected
  • 2 - Paws for Thought - Print for each participant for each session
  • 3 - Paws to Create - Print one for each participant to use for entire program length 
  • 4 - Paws to Give - Print one for each participant use for entire program length
  • 5 - Paws to Reflect - Optional based on activity selected
  • 6 - Paws to Pray - Optional

3. Plaque Making Resources - Helping participants find things to say.

  • Quote Sheets - All
  • Quote Sheets - Faith Based


1. Open the Teacher/Facilitator Lessons & Resource Guide Folder 

2. Open the Facilitator Guide - Project Comfort and Select an Activity Option found on

  • Page 8 in Facilitators Guide - Project Comfort 

3. Determine number of participants and number of sessions

4. Print out worksheets required for the activity selected & follow the process in the facilitators guide. 

5. You will receive a follow up email and a call from us to walk through any questions that you have. 

6. Call us at 203.490.3012 or email us at anytime. We will make this seamless for you!