What Can We Learn From Dogs?

Have you ever thought about the connections that dogs make?  

What dogs teach us about connecting with others can open our eyes to beautiful simple truths in how to care for each other. How to be there and help comfort  someone in need.    It doesn’t have to be as hard and awkward as we might think.  And, we can learn important lessons from dogs.   Lessons that make a difference in the life of someone going through a challenging time and is hurting.

Everyone we know has a problem we don’t know about…..maybe your neighbor didn’t get the promotion they wanted and needed, or a co-worker lost their job, or a family member is sick and struggling.

What do we say? What do we do? What if we make it worse?

To help people find the answers to these questions, Inspiring Comfort has created our new book: "Paws to Comfort", written by Inspiring Comfort Founder Jen Marr , and designed by TIME’s Senior Design Coordinator, Skye Quinn.  

This book reveals WHY it is that dogs are expert comforters, and how we, like them, can re-discover our own innate comforting abilities. A beautiful, “how-to” book, it will empower you with tools and strategies to comfort and inspire those around you who desperately need to know someone cares.

Click here:  https://www.pawstocomfort.com.  for more information on what we can learn from dogs and on our Kickstarter funding campaign which begins June 19, 2019.  See how you can join our community of comforters and re-discover the skill of comfort for yourself.

Let’s all experience what we can learn from dogs!


Comfort On,

Jen, Jill, Mary and Kelly

The Inspiring Comfort Team

Mary Perry