Press Release: Paws To Comfort

Press Release: June 19, 2019


Paws to Comfort: An antidote to our demanding digital lives.

Dogs are great comforters. Humans can be too.
Learn how with this thoughtful and beautiful guide. 

Written by Jen Marr with Skye Quinn

Inspiring Comfort Founders Jen Marr, Jill Bornstein, Mary Perry and designer Skye Quinn of TIME, are pleased to announce the launch of Paws To Comfort which is now available for pre-order through a Kickstarter Campaign. A book inspired by the connections dog make.

Despite constant connectivity, we are losing the simple art of supporting each other through everyday problems, struggles and crisis. More than sympathy, comfort is connecting with a person who is suffering in a way that shows them you care. Most of us find making that connection awkward – so we avoid it. But there are experts among us who instinctively know what to do; our furry friends.

This is where Paws to Comfort comes in. A beautiful, practical book with real-life stores, graphics, worksheets, and guidance for anyone who has ever experienced the awkwardness of comforting someone having a difficult time. A skill everyone needs in their home, community or workplace. 

     “Think of a world equipped with comforters caring for each other face to face instead of 

              screen to screen. It’s within our reach.” says Paws To Comfort author Jen Marr. 

Jen Marr, Founder of social good company, Inspiring Comfort LLC, is passionate about the skill of comfort. Her years of working with comfort dogs in crisis response settings opened her eyes to the depth of the need of comfort. She felt compelled to write Paws To Comfort after realizing yes, comforting can be awkward, but it’s a critical skill to our society’s connectedness and is a skill that can be taught in a simple way. Dogs can be some of our best teachers on the subject.

Skye Quinn, is the Senior Design Coordinator at TIME, where she has been involved in producing its iconic weekly covers since 2005. She was attracted to working with Jen on Paws to Comfort seeing the need to communicate the role dogs play in teaching us all how to comfort others and realizing that everyone around her could benefit from learning this skill. ###

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