Press Release: Dr. John Draper to Write Foreward of Paws to Comfort

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JenMarr announces Dr. John Draper to write foreword of her book, Paws to Comfort

[New York, NY July 9th, 2019.] Author and Founder of social good company Inspiring Comfort Jen Marr announced today that Dr. John Draper, the executive Vice President of Vibrant Emotional Health and Director of the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline, will be writing the foreword of her upcoming book Paws to Comfort, publishing in November 2019. 

“We are so honored that John is writing the foreword to Paws to Comfort,” says Marr, ”He recognizes the role each of us has in connecting with those around us who are feeling isolated and alone.”


 John Draper, PhD, says on the book, “Connection is often cited as one of the key solutions to our mental health crisis. Societal trends and the use of technology are making those connections more complicated. Paws to Comfort teaches how to overcome awkwardness and learn the skill of comfort and connection, in ways that are simple, as elemental as our dog lying next to us. The mental health community and our dear pets can’t do it alone. The world needs all of us to know how to connect with those who are struggling too.”

Paws To Comfortis filled with stories, tools, and actionable steps to break through the awkward zone and reach those people who desperately need to know that someone cares.  The reader will be given assessments and worksheets to chart their own course in how to connect with those around them to fit their lifestyle based on their own unique comfort personality,” according to Marr. 

To be published by New Degree Press, Paws to Comfortis currently exclusively available through its Kickstarter Campaign through July 17th:

Inspiring Comfort is a social good company that teaches and equips people of all ages with the skills to create compassionate connections in order to awaken empathy and comfort those who are hurting and isolated. Their evidence-based, hands-on programs, workshops, and speaking events equip people to bring a personal connection and comfort in homes, communities and workplaces.

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