Inspiring Comfort & AFSP Team Up at Chicagoland Walk

The American Foundation for Suicide Prevention Teams up with Inspiring Comfort to Create Comfort at the

Out of the Darkness Chicagoland Walk.

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The American Foundation for Suicide Prevention (AFSP) Out of the Darkness Walks join people from local communities with hundreds of thousands of people nationwide to raise awareness and funds that allow AFSP to invest in research, create educational programs, advocate for public policy, and support survivors of suicide loss. 

This year, their Chicagoland Walk (September 22, 2018) will feature a new addition to the many resources and activities that are planned:  An Inspiring Comfort Tent dedicated to helping participants create their own inspirational comfort plaque to be given to someone they know needs comfort.  

We know that connecting with someone struggling is hard. It’s awkward so we avoid it, which contributes to isolation and adds to the loneliness epidemic we face today. But it doesn’t have to be this way.

AFSP is tackling this awkwardness with their Public Service Announcement (PSA) campaign “Seize the Awkward”. Inspiring Comfort teaches and equips people of all ages how to break through the “Awkward Zone™️” utilizing a 6-step process of learning the skill of comfort. It’s a perfect pairing because simply reaching out, one to one to someone, can make a difference. It can save a life. 

The process in the Inspiring Comfort Tent is quick and easy and not at all about how artistic you are. It’s all about personalized love and comfort in the form of a gift, to form a deeper bond with someone who may desperately need to know that they are being thought of. In the end, we learn that by connecting with and comforting someone else, you will often feel comforted yourself.

We invite you to join us on Walk Day in Chicago – look for the Inspiring Comfort Tent!

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Jen Marr