5 Things You Can Do to Heal Our Election Wounds

We’ve all seen the end of the movie Rocky.  His hand is raised in the air as the winner. His face is bloodied and bruised.  Apollo Creed, hangs his head in defeat and staggers out of the ring.  


This is our America today. 

We are a country that has been in a long fight. We have been pitted against each other for months now. By the color of our skin, our religion, our political affiliation, our income levels, our gender and the list goes on and on. We are all bloodied and bruised. 

So sure, there will be a winner in each race today, but at what cost? How can we each recover from the trauma of watching these bloody fights? We can all use some love and comfort right about now - right?

Here are 5 things you can do today:

1.    Celebrate that it’s over. There will be no more commercials, no more robo calls, no more obnoxious Facebook posts and no more people shaking your hand as you walk into the grocery store.

2.    Take comfort in getting through it. You did it! You survived. You may have been actively involved in the fight, or you may have watched it, but either way, you made it through. It’s over for now. You are resilient!

3.    Find the love in your heart and activate it. Politics rarely includes love, it’s dirty business these days, it just is.  There are issues where there are people full of love fighting for what they believe in for sure; but in the end, there is no office holder in America that will embody the love of a friend and be there for you to help you through your hurt.

4.    Be like your dog. Dogs don’t look at people by any of the characteristics of a voter. They don’t see color, or age or political affiliation. They love you for who you are where you are and when you are there.  It’s really that simple. Be like your dog.

5.    “Paws” to look and see all of those hurting. They surround you in every facet of your life. And then reach out to them. Pick someone each day and just reach out to them. Call them, text them, smile at them, hug them, send them a card or make them a “comfort plaque” from one of our programs. Such simple things make an enormous difference.

In the end, when it comes to politics there will be winners and there will be losers. But life shouldn’t be an ongoing winner/loser fight. No election will fix the hurt and pain deep inside so many of us. No election will heal the loneliness epidemic that is plaguing our country and the resulting behaviors that include high anxiety, suicide, hopelessness and depression. That will take you to fix. And the person that voted for the other side of the aisle.  

Let’s heal each other’s wounds now and be there for each other with love and comfort.

We all win when we vote for that. 

Jen Marr is Founder & CEO of Inspiring Comfort LLC.  Learn more about how you can comfort better at www.inspiringcomfort.com

Jen Marr