Inspiring is so....inspiring!


Have you ever thought about the word Inspiring?  We may all think we know what it means, or have a general idea as to the meaning, but do we really know the definition?  

Well, according to Merriam Webster, the definition of Inspiring is:  

Causing people to want to do or create something.

I paused on that definition as it seemed to be such a privilege to be affecting someone so that they are encouraged to take an action.  

At, our company, Inspiring Comfort, we anticipate every single day that something good will happen, that we will motivate ourselves and others to make something happen – in our case a human to human connection of comfort.  

It is not an impossible task.   Do you know that our brains are wired to be relational?  We are not meant to be alone and isolated.  We are meant to be connected one human being to another.  

But all of us don’t feel connected, many, more than you think, feel painful isolation, maybe even in a crowd.  Maybe those who feel lonely would surprise you.  

I experienced painful loneliness when my agency moved me to another city, away from my family and my co-workers.    Same organization, different office, different clients...worlds away from people who knew me, and were in my daily circle.  Away from people who I can share my day with, and laugh with.  And it was hard.  And I wasn't alone.

There is an epidemic of loneliness and it is frankly disturbing how far and wide it has spread.  We connect less, don't make time for each other, we somehow assume everyone is "fine".  

But we can make a difference.  We can all do something to stop this epidemic.  We have to.   

Here are three things we can do:

1.     Reach out to someone.  Look around you, really take a good look.  Who is having a tough time?  Might there be more behind the smile?  Call, text, stop by – ask them how they are.   Greet them with a “I’m so happy to see you”, “It’s good to see you”.  Watch them…. see their mood – see what they need.  

2.    Listen.  Ask questions, Listen for the responses.  Don’t think of things to say…. truly listen to them, for as long as they need to talk.

3.    Follow up.  After you leave them, stay in touch, plan something else to do for them.   

We are inspired to stop loneliness, and we want to inspire you too.  Join us, won’t you?