Broken Heart Syndrome - Is it Real?


Maybe you have heard some of the stories – people exclaiming “My heart is broken”, “I think I’m having a heart attack after hearing this news”.  

Broken Heart Syndrome is real…. people can experience sudden chest pain from a temporary disruption of a heart’s normal pumping function….and is caused by the heart’s reaction to a surge of stress hormones.  The good news is that the symptoms of broken heart syndrome are treatable and can reverse itself in days or weeks.

This syndrome is preceded by an intense physical or emotional event….and we all need to be aware the effect events like this can have on us.  

Do you know anyone who has experienced:

·     A frightening medical diagnosis

·     Job loss

·     Divorce

·     Car accident

·     News of an unexpected death of a loved one

·     Loss of a pet

Losing a beloved pet is often an emotionally devasting experience.  Yet, often as a culture, we don’t recognize how painful this loss can be and how much it can impair our emotional and physical health.  

Caring for our pet lets us develop routines and responsibilities around which we structure our days.  We get our exercise in their walks, we socialize with other dog owners, we run home to feed them or let them out…. they depend on us and we depend on them. 

Recovering from this loss requires social support from people who will recognize this grief, will sympathize with our pain and not judge us.  Isolation is a very real thing when people feel no one sees their pain, doesn’t reach out…and no connections are made.  

However, positive human connections will allow those in need to share their pain, tell their stories and take steps forward in healing.  And not be alone in their sorrow.

Is there someone in your life that may be experiencing a broken heart?  That may have even experienced Broken Heart Syndrome?  We encourage you to reach out to the them…connect and love them….and listen.  Just listen and be there.