Why Father's Need Comfort Too

In honor of Father’s Day this weekend lets talk about the over 72million Dad’s out there. Being a Father these days isn’t always easy. Here’s a quick look at Dad’s by the numbers according to the 2016 US Census Bureau;

·     24.6 million father’s living in married-couple family groups with children younger than age 18

·     2.0 million single fathers living with their children under the age 18

·     27% of Dad’s live far away from their children under the age of 18

·     12.4% of dads who have kids with their current spouse or partner, also have kids with someone else

·     29.2 million fathers who are also grandfathers

·     209,000 stay-at-home Dad’s


The stress on Father’s is greater than ever given our busy, high tech and ever changing society. According to Eliza Lathrop Cook of Cornell University “fathering roles and fatherhood identities have changed over the past decades, influencing how men think of fathering and the types of roles father’s adopt. Lathrop Cook suggests these are the most common issues father’s face;

1)   Singles father’s have limited resources, financially or socially

2)   Stepfather’s have difficulty parenting non-biological children

3)   Non resident father’s have difficulty  maintaining contact with their children

4)   Men pay a majority of child support but 1 out of 3 non custodial parents live below the poverty line

5)   Stay -at-home father’s face social stigma

Many people don’t consider that Father’s need to be comforted – but they do. In fact men, more than women feel invisible, not seen and lonely in today’s world. So, what can we do as a society to support Father’s everywhere? Give them the comfort they need and make sure they have social connections. Think of your Father or a Father figure in your life. Recognize how difficult it is to be a Dad these days. Then give them love and comfort in the following ways; Don’t judge them, be present for them, listen to them, be intentional in sharing a message of love and compassion.  Worried about a gift? A heartfelt message or just being present can be just as effective, 

Enjoy this Father’s day by thinking of one and reaching out – the connection and comfort you can give to them will bring joy to their face. Happy Father’s Day to Dad’s everywhere.