Be Intentional About Being Intentional


“I will call you.”  “I will reach out when I’m in your town.” “I will drop by to see how you are doing.”

Every day we say things, we’d like to do for people who are going through a tough time.  We know what we should do…but sometimes, just sometimes….we don’t follow through.  We want to, but maybe we are afraid to say something wrong, what if we make them upset again….what if they are over it.

We don’t call.  We don’t reach out.  We don’t see how they are doing.  We have good intentions, but don’t act. 

We also don’t realize what the lack of contact and connection means to someone.  When they sit with their hurt and pain, without anyone to talk to or share it with.

So, here’s what we can do….we can be intentional about being intentional, here’s three ways:

1.    Don’t be on the sidelines of life, participate. Write down the promises you make, look at them, schedule yourself time to call, stop by or drop in.  Action is the key to participating in someone’s life, to connect with him or her, to let him or her know another human being cares.

2.    Know that it is uncomfortable and that is o.k.  If they cry, that is o.k.  You don’t need to have any answers for anyone, nor should you.  You aren’t there to suddenly fix their situation.  You have two ears and one mouth for a good reason – listen, listen, listen.  

3.    Being intentional in connecting with someone is about him or her, not you.  Try it. Pick up the phone and connect with someone that you have been “meaning to call”.  You might be the “somebody” they need today.  And that might make all the difference in their world.  

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