Connected But Not Connecting

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 You have assembled a great team, with great minds, different backgrounds and experiences…all the ingredients for success to tackle the next big project…so why isn’t it working?

 So much about our digital lives, dependence on social media and technology, often keep us from truly connecting with others. Yes the team is “connected” thru technology but when things get tough the lack of real personal connection gets in the way.  Does your team really know each other and what outside challenges they face when they arrive at work? For example did you know Susan’s Mother died last week or Dave’s son is struggling at college causing emotional toll and lack of focus for both of them?

 There are some simple things you can do to make your workplace and employees more productive.

-  Yes you may be busy and important but take a few moments to take the time to think of others you work with who could use a boost.

-  Once you have thought of someone on your team who might be hurting and in need of connection and comfort overcome the barrier and intentionally reach out even if you feel awkward.

-  Don’t just sent a text and ask them how they are, invite them to coffee.  Meet in person, put your phone away for 30 minutes and focus on them not you - don’t offer advice, just listen and be present.

-  Finally reflect back on how connecting with this person improved your outlook and ultimately your ability to work together and succeed. 

 At Inspiring Comfort, we teach these skills. We help others break through the Awkward Zone™ of second guessing and doubt which often inhibits the comforting of others and allowing for true connection at the workplace, which ultimately will allow for success in tackling the next big project. 

With Comfort, Jill Bornstein