"Why do we need Compassion?"



That question was asked at a conference of psychologists.  After the silence followed, the presenter said, 

“We need compassion because life is hard.”

Yes, it is indeed. Life is hard.  

What is compassion? It is defined as a sensitivity (a feeling that arises) to the suffering of others with a desire and a commitmentto do something about it…to relieve that suffering.  

Simply it is two things:

1.    Attention (Sensitivity)

2.    Motivation (Commitment) 

Compassion is different from empathy because it includes the desire and intentionality to help, to connect, to engage with another human being who needs you to be there, to do something.    

As if doing something for someone isn’t a good enough reason to have compassion for someone, consider this: when we feel compassion, our heart rate slows down, we secrete the bonding hormone oxytocin, and regions of our brain linked to caregiving and pleasure light up, which all results in us wanting to approach and care for other people.   They feel good; we feel good….and so it goes.

At Inspiring Comfort we are dedicated to teaching and equipping people of all ages how to comfort and show compassion for others…. join us won’t you?  It will be good for you.  




Mary PerryCompassion