What Happens When School is Over?


It’s May, the end of the academic year is nearing to a close…. for some sooner than others.  And no matter if you are an educator, a parent or a student…(or maybe all three), we all face the big question:  now what?  

You see, everything changes. The schedules and routines we fought so hard to get into, suddenly stop.  They don’t slow down to a crawl, they stop.  And in our many years in classrooms, we have seen this create anxiety during the last weeks in the classroom….but it doesn’t have to if you are aware and address it.  

Three things to watch out for:

1.  The struggle is real.  Even though we can all feel like we can’t wait for the freedom of summer….not everyone experiences the idyllic running barefoot in the grass image of summer.  For some,  maybe you, school is a safety net and without it,  you are uncertain what will happen. 

2.  You may not see it. This time of year is full of deadlines and tasks that have to be done.  Studying, exams, papers, recitals, religious events, sometimes overwhelming, definitely stressful.   You may not even realize the impact these months have on you or those around you. 

3.  See me! Everyone handles things differently.  Those near to you who are voicing their stress may not be the ones needing the most attention.  It is often those around the outside of the circle, those who say nothing, those who pretend they are handling it all so well.  

But you can do something!

If you pause, and look at the people around you, look and see the tension, the anxiety, the stress, and think “How could I help this person feel less overwhelmed, less fearful, and stronger to face the next two months?

It’s no secret that we live in a world that is unconnected and over connected both at the same time. There is a loneliness epidemic (more on that in future blogs), and we can all do something.  We all need to do something.  Ready for the big reveal?  We need to connect – one to one, person-to-person.  Yes, even with those who are anxious or hurting.  

At Inspiring Comfort, we are intent on Inspiring the World to Connect…. we know it can be awkward, we know there are barriers…. but together – we can reach them– one person at a time.

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With Comfort, Mary PerryCo-Founder, Inspiring Comfort LLC

Favorite Quote:  Broken Crayons Still Color

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