Comfort in a Box?

Inspiring Comfort Founder Jen Marr didn’t set out to develop programs, comfort kits or even launch a company, she was just the dog handler at the other end of the leash who has spent much of the last 5 years in crisis response settings with beautiful golden retrievers who are trained to be a calming and comforting presence to people who are in pain. However, after spending thousands of hours in settings such as Sandy Hook Elementary, the aftermath of the Boston Marathon bombing and countless schools suffering from the effects of suicide, drug overdose, car accidents, cancer deaths and other sudden trauma it was just too much to take. She needed to do more.


She watched as day after day week after week month after month, people were desperate for comfort but very few could provide it. She  watched time and time again as the dogs were able to easily comfort and calm those around them. Humans were sometimes awkward or hesitant to connect, but not the dogs. She realized their magic but also realized there will never be enough Golden Retrievers to comfort all in need, but – she wondered can we teach people to comfort and connect as the dogs do? Easily and effectively? 

And that’s how it all started to come together. That’s how comfort lessons and comfort programming in a box came to be. 

Our programs, incorporating the lessons of the comfort dogs, teach how to “paws” to think, to remember, and to act. Helping people move beyond simple acts of kindness to spread true, lasting comfort. This process produces a full circle of comfort as lives are touched both inside and outside of the sessions.

Skill-Based Learning – Every session goes through our worksheet based process of “pawsing” to Comfort. Program lessons go into deeper understanding and action.

A Personalized Gift – Our plaque is the capstone of all Project Comfort and Club Comfort work sessions.  These plaques are personalized, heartfelt gifts that make the receiver feel special and cared for with an authentic and compassionate connection of caring. 

Open Listening and Dialogue – During the sessions, an atmosphere of collaboration is created from the onset. Conversations occur among participants as they casually begin sharing who they are going to comfort, select their quote and design and choose the perfect plaque color from the assortment in front of them. Unexpected and immediate connections happen when they continue to share life stories and encourage each other.

Can improved connection and comfort really be found in a Box? We think so – explore more at to find your box that starts the circle of comfort. 

Jill Bornstein