Project Comfort™ - Core Project Kit

Project Comfort™ - Core Project Kit


Every Teaching & Learning Kit includes:

·      Project Comfort Learning Materials
Delivered via download, includes:

§  Facilitator guide & program objectives

§  “Paws to Comfort” process worksheets

§  Lesson sheets & print-outs

§  Plaque templates & quote sheets

§  Promotion template

·      50 assorted, blank color plaques (blue, teal, ivory, pink, lime green, yellow, lilac)

·      Art supplies*

o   55 oil-based paint pens in assorted colors, selected and tested to make beautiful plaques

o   24 assorted colors of permanent, fine-point pens

o   12 fine-point black pens

o   12 ultra fine-point black pens

o   1 pack clear glue

o   144 pieces of decorating bling

·      24 pencils and 1 pencil sharpener

·      Gifting materials

o   50 cellophane bags

o   100 pieces of colored ribbon

o   50 Inspiring Comfort insert cards

*Included art supplies will support decorating of up to 250 plaques. Additional plaques can be ordered in quantities of 25.

Included pens and markers work best with no more than 25-30 participants at a time.

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